Steel & Rubber is a collection of bikepacking stories from areas including the Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, Greater Vancouver and the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom

Dartmoor Rambles

Starting in Exeter, this three day bikepacking trip through Dartmoor National Park, included lush rivers, unique tors and peaceful moors.

United Kingdom

Quantocks Exmoor Escape

Starting in Taunton, this two day solo bikepacking trip inlcuded the Quantock Hills, Exmoor National Park, and ancient coastal villages.

Vancouver Island

Cumberland Log Ride

A rugged three day bikepacking loop around the Bearfort mountain range, connecting Qualicum Beach, Port Alberni and Cumberland.

Sunshine Coast

Smuggler Cove Cruise

What was supposed to be a longer trip up the Sunshine Coast, turned into a shorter, ultra-chill trip up to Smuggler Cove, a real gem of the Sunshine Coast.